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Smart Cookie Marketing is a company providing gold standard marketing plans, advice, execution and training run by one of the most experienced brand marketers in Australia, Virginia Mounsey.



After making hundreds of millions for employers globally, Virginia noticed many of the same mistakes being made, no matter what size the company:


•     No clear "point of difference" holding back growth.


•     Customers just can’t find you in store.


•     A lack of a long term strategy


•    Copying what your competitor did instead of leapfrogging them


•    Spending big company money chasing low profit customers


•    The product offerings are too similar and complex to understand.


•    Unclear ads leading to confused and mislead customers


•    Avoiding digital / social / web (lack of understanding)


•    Bad pricing turning people away


     Failing to treat packaging / signage as your greatest ad opportunity



Virginia will easily identify opportunities for your business with an intelligent strategy and plan that will be be easily translated to profits and sales. Change your business for the better ....what are you waiting for today 

Call  043 195 1430 or                 Make more dough with Smarter Marketing



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