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Smart Cookie Marketing - get your business ingredients right
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Decisions in marketing can sometimes be just like looking

at a colourful smartie cookie.  The smarties compete for visual attention

......which one do you eat first ?




Virginia created Smart Cookie Marketing to make smart marketing easy











Like a Smartie Cookie, you need dough to support all your final smartie choices. If you create the right baking temperature you get a great business. Don't get burnt !!  The marketplace is volatile ......Virginia's knowledge is here to cut through the clutter and make things simpler.


In business and marketing ....we want our efforts to all end in delicious sales and profits.


Virginia Mounsey is an experienced marketer. She realised that many people found marketing a challenge as it's often not clear where to focus your efforts.  Many business launches flop because something was missed in the planning or the focus was on the wrong things.

Don't let this be you !


Virginia makes it easy. She will expertly write your strategy, then plan and execute the marketing plan creatively and to a winning standard.








Smart Cookie Marketing starts with a smart strategy:

 * Will give you focus on how to generate the biggest

  • revenues

  • profits

  • opportunities

......................................... so be a Smart Cookie and call today.


Contact Virginia for a free initial consultation about your business on

043 195 1430 or

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