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Book your team in to the 2 day "secret to marketing" workshop today !


Hear how successful brands and businesses stand out and avoid common pitfalls from an ex coca cola marketing executive who has written hundreds of plans, launched new products, managed ad campaigns, PR campaigns, run events, and much more. With almost 2 decades in big business brand marketing, your experienced trainer will let you know the secret of how it’s done, giving real life case studies of wins and fails to apply to your own business.


Course Outline and Content


  • A good marketing plan:  What’s the secret to an effective marketing plan?  What are the key things successful brands focus on when putting an initial plan together? What “to do” and “not to do” plus examples and how to apply this to your own plan.


  • Having a “Point of Difference”: Is YOUR marketing “point of difference” enough? Examples of big brands who got it wrong and lost tens of millions, changed and tried again, and went on to big success. How you can ensure you are set up for success and avoid failure with simple tools to define your “point of difference” vs the competition.


  • Who is your target market? Are you spending a lot of money targeting the wrong customers? What is the secret to only targeting the most lucrative customers? How can you quantify $$ and compare each sector? Includes real life examples, segmenting tools and application.


  • Promotion and communication: The Path to Purchase – Learn the inside secrets, taught at the internal “coke university” about the way coke plan every piece of communication as a chain, interrupting the buyer right at “point of problem”. This simple and effective model can be applied to any business and makes it clear where you should be putting your brand. (posters? TV ? Events? Web? Instore ? ) This includes real life examples and you complete your own template in class.


  • Creating a Marketing Action Grid with Budget.  Is your marketing money being wasted?  This is the key question for any business big or small. Learn the inside secrets of how successful brands and companies allocate marketing funds into grids and the method and tools for setting budgets. Create your own simple marketing action grid. Real life examples, tools and application that are easy to understand.


  • The secret of social:  The power of social media is unprecedented: Why do some brands gain great social PR and others miss out?  Learn some simple secrets for planting your message, including what kind of “hook” is needed for maximum exposure.


  •  Advertising: The secret to standing out. Why do we remember some ads and not others? Learn the secrets of standing out and devising an effective uncluttered ad. (brochure/web/print/posters etc.).   Learn lessons from local and national advertising wins and fails. This lesson includes the top 3 tips for success and the 3 most common pitfalls when devising ads.


  • The Power of “influence” - spread your brand message for virtually nothing through the recommendation model. Find out the inside story about how powerful the personal recommendation model can be. This Includes word of mouth /Respected leaders/ Social / web / digital etc. Includes real life examples and application of how big well known brands have become successful purely by this method.


  • THROUGHOUT COURSE: Case Studies of what works and doesn’t work:  Company and brand wins and fails presented, discussed and explained throughout the whole curriculum.



  • Computer skills: Basic computer skills needed in miscrosoft word / excel. You will be filling out a basic marketing plan framework during the course.




At the end of the course participants will have a basic understanding of how to write a marketing plan. They will have also learned some of the key secrets from both big and small business as to how they have made their business or brand stand out. Participants will be able to put together a simple marketing action grid and budget. They will be able to know the basics of an effective ad which stands out for the target audience. Most importantly they will have the skills to segment and identify how to target the right audience and look for new opportunities.  They will have learnt from many real life examples of what works and what doesn’t to apply to their own business.

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