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Need a clear business vision?

Need a smart strategy? 

Want all of this in one plan ?

Have you got a marketing plan? How will people know how great you are ? How will they find you ?

Need great ads?

Need a marketing manager to run your campaign without the hassle of full time employment ?

Soooo many decisions, so little time.

Smart Cookie Marketing knows about the competing decisions you have to make with your money to make money.


Cooking up a great, tight, simple and targeted plan can be hard.


Virginia Mounsey, director of Smart Cookie Marketing, will make sure your business recipe is a winner.  She has launched hundreds of products,  written hundreds of plans and has made hundreds of millions for industry heavyweights such as Coke, Yoplait, Schick...the list goes on. 


She wants to help YOU.

Be a smart cookie and let her experience sift through which marketing ingredients are right for you.


Contact Virginia for a free initial consultation about your business on

043 195 1430 or

Your website and your

social accounts  are your modern day "shopfront."

Learn how to make

an impact and make $$

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With extensive experience in the UK and Australia on big brands, Virginia Mounsey, director, has made hundreds of millions for the likes of Sanitarium / Coke / Yoplait / Blackmores / Schick / Pfizer with her cutting edge strategy, business plans and innovative thinking.


Big or small business… she will look at your business from all angles and deliver an actionable business plan with a turbo charged  “go forward” grid for your wall

Smart Cookie Marketing’s Virginia Mounsey has launched and managed over $1 billion worth of products over the last 15 years.


She will devise a gold standard marketing plan using the most efficient mix of marketing money.  


She'll stop confusion and tell you exactly which tools will work for you (Product/ Price / Place / Promotion/ Packaging / PR/ web/social / advertising / sampling / merchandise etc.).


She will guide you to your most profitable customers, fully understanding their needs and habits before a cent is spent communicating to them.

Virginia Mounsey has successfully activated thousands of campaigns

and cut through ads, big &  small.


From TV campaigns, digital and social ads, print, brochures,  she's got experience in every area.

If you need someone with expertise  Smart Cookie Marketing is for you.

Virginia Mounsey has experience in all these areas and can set up simple websites, shops,  landing pages and social pages that reflect your brand personality and message across all platforms

A taste of past projects


Smart Cookie Marketing

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